April is Autism Awareness Month –Shine a Light on Autism! Let’s Light It Up Blue

April 2nd 2016 is the ninth annual World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD). To mark this day, thousands of people are coming together to Light It Up Blue. Join Autism Speaks (www.LightItUpBlue.org), Action for Autism, Forum for Autism in India & also other organisations working for Autism to Light It Up Blue and help shine a light on Autism! Autism awareness is more important than ever. Why the need is more now?Autism is the third most common developmental disorder. Forum for Autism (FFA), a parent Support Group from Mumbai for families of children having Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD) says that when they started out about 1 in 1500 persons, was diagnosed with ASD. Today they find the ratio to be gone up to 1 in every hundred. It is alarming. This increase can only be addressed by early intervention, improved diagnosis and growing awareness. Please join our efforts and support Autism Awareness. Kindly go through our online campaign”Ought to know Autism”.



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