Ability over Disability…

“The only disability in life is a bad attitude.” » Scott Hamilton

Disabilities. You can see some and some you just cannot. For normal people, it’s easy to spot a mental or a physical disability in a person. Epilepsy is one such condition which is not easily visible unless the person has an attack and you witness it.

We at ChildRaise try to help and empower the ‘differently-abled’. Yes, differently-abled because although they different, they are absolutely ‘able’ to pursue what suits best for them!

Let’s talk about Epilepsy today. Epilepsy is a neurological condition where the person has a momentary seizure, depending on the type and severity of the condition.

This is Kalpesh. He is our Man Friday at ChildRaise.


He has active epilepsy. But that does not stop him from putting in his best. His schedule starts early in the morning, when he goes to pick up the vegetables in bulk for his family business. He cleans, helps in setting up the stall.

On the dot, he comes to ChildRaise office. Right from keeping our office spick & span to paying bills, he does it all. Recently, Kalpesh showed keen interest in making newspaper bags. To help him further, we looked up simple, DIY videos which taught him how to go about the entire process.

Here’s how he makes Paper Bags:

  1. Take two thick sheets of a newspaper and fold the edges on either sides 20160721_112029
  2. As you keep folding it, apply Fevicol so that the folds stick firmly together 20160721_112341
  3. Make two inward folds and stick the folds at the bottom of the bag 20160721_112053
  4. Cut two broad strips of a cardpaper, apply Fevicol on one side to stick them on insides of the bag 
  5. Take a string and cut it into two halves. In the meanwhile, once you’re done sticking the cardpaper, punch the sides of the bag to pass a string as handles of the bag 

    6. Your bag is ready!


With his dedication, involvement, he is an asset to ChildRaise and a fine example to others!



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