My learning today from my student

I had a remedial session with my student. He came ,  obediently sat down in his chair. As usual we started with our warming up activities. He finished with his  pre writing activities. We were to begin with more complex tasks and he requested me to stop. He wanted a break. He said he was a bit tired. I said he could take a five minute break or we could do some other simpler activity & the proceed.  He said actually he was hungry.

In our centre , we have a small kitchenette. He directed me there.  Usually we have some snacks for the staff as well as the kids if need be. He asked me if I have biscuits. I said yes. I was very happy that I had bought a new biscuit brand with some chocolate filling  & it will be of some use. I could even use that as a reinforcer if this kid  was a bit distracted  to complete the session.

I offered him the biscuit & to my amazement  he said “I do not have biscuits with chocolates or which are with lot of sugar & cream”. Here, in my centre he could have easily accepted it without anyone’s knowledge.

An eight year old was teaching me what Self Control is all about!

learning from kids -1.jpg


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