How Can I Trust?

It happened two days back but I am still under shock.. not because of the theft but the sheer callousness & the way it happened.
While coming to office, our ChildRaise peon Kalpesh always calls me to inquire whether anything has to be collected enroute. The day before he was talking to me & while talking suddenly the call got disconnected. I tried several times but immediately the message was that he was out of coverage range. I had no choice but to wait.
And this wait was troublesome … why ?Because he has active epilepsy & somehow I knew he had a seizure while talking to me. Can you imagine what happened to him while he was having a seizure? Unbelievable & shameful. He was robbed of his mobile phone!
Instead of helping him to recover from seizure, this thief had his pervert opportunity to steal. And how much he would have got ? a mere 100, 150 Rs. in return for that simple handset ?
Luckily, Kalpesh recovers fast from seizures & bounces back to life. We have given him another handset for the time being & life is back to normal…on surface. But his words ring in my ear- “I am doubly disturbed … realising that having a seizure means you are yet to gain seizure control, secondly, this is more frightening…if I am to get a major attack on the road, can I trust people to help me?


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