Everyone likes a success story

Who doesn’t like a success story? But this story is one with success written all over.

A very special one indeed!

This seemingly very shy, timid lady came to me some years back with my relative’s reference. She told me in a very straight forward manner that she was a single mother who had a mentally challenged son with a speech impairment. She also had a younger daughter & was now staying with her aged mother. What struck me was that she was not wallowing in self pity but was very matter of fact and was asking what to do NEXT?

And this is what prompted me to help her not only financially but by way of advise and guidance.  ChildRaise took care of her son’s studies for few years. Before he could turn 18, she shifted him to a pre vocational centre. Unlike the special school, this pre-voc centre was relatively far away. As they stayed near my residence,  I used to meet the kid sometimes when he used to wait for his pick up van . Whenever he saw me, his eyes used to lit up . In his own language, he used to update me, introduce me to his friends etc.

Yesterday, I had a surprise visitor. This  same lady but with a smile. She came to inform me that her son was now out of pre voc centre  & guess what? He was working with some food chain packing their groceries, grains etc. He was travelling for considerable amount of time, changing two trains & reaching his workplace. I was amazed.

Here was a mother who is not highly educated, is not having a very conducive atmosphere around. But she knew exactly that whatever happens she had to make her son independent. She could give lessons on Empowerment.

Now, I have told her to get her son visit  me one day so I can again see his lighted eyes & animated chatter . … perhaps this is what kept the mother going inspite of hardship!

Isn’t this a beautiful success story? story with a happy ending.



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